Our University Hosted the First "Undergraduate Teaching Quality Culture Week"

To commemorate the university's centennial and promote the growth of undergraduate education and teaching with an emphasis on exceptional quality culture, the first "Undergraduate Teaching Quality Culture Week" was launched in the May 4 Road Campus Library on October 11. Yang Lihai, deputy secretary of the university's party committee, attended and delivered a speech during the inaugural ceremony.


Yang Lihai stated that as socialism with Chinese features enters a new age, higher education is confronted with unique circumstances, new problems, and a new goal. Achieving high-quality development has become the primary objective of higher education in recent periods. Establishing a solid consciousness of teaching quality, assuring and developing teaching quality, and cultivating a teaching quality culture has become the colleges' and universities' primary mission and eternal subject. He hopes that by seizing the first "Undergraduate Teaching Quality Culture Week," the entire university will be more conscious of people's fundamental tasks of establishing morality and cultivating. It will strengthen the concept of "Establishing a Quality University" and leverage high-quality undergraduate education and teaching to solidify the university's foundation. To improve its characteristics, and raise its level, pave the way and assist in achieving the goal of talent development and undergraduate education development.


Zhang Feng, director of the Academic Affairs Office, represented the teaching management department. In contrast, Tian Jianmin, a well-known national teacher, and Dong Qi, a student teaching information officer, represented teachers and students. The opening ceremony was presided over by Jin Shengyong, director of the Education Evaluation and Development Center, and attended by over 200 members of the Education and Instruction Committee, university-level inspectors, teaching deans of various teaching units, teachers representatives, and student representatives.


The "Undergraduate Teaching Quality Culture Week" theme is "Concentrate on the Cultural Development of Teaching Quality, Encourage Teacher Development, Strengthen the Guarantee System for Teaching Quality, and Improve the Teaching Quality of Undergraduate Education." Create modules on "Developing Renowned Teachers and an Outstanding Teaching Team," "Audit Evaluation and Professional Certification," and "Improving Teachers' Teaching Ability." It will include 12 activities, including an expert report, a teaching salon, a demonstration and observation, and supervision and debate, from October 11 to October 17