Nature Sciences

Humanities & Social Sciences


Introduction to Natural Science Research

The university actively promotes its science and technology innovation capability construction, adheres to the rode of connotation development, and has successively built 2 national and local joint engineering laboratories, 1 key laboratory of Ministry of Education, 15 Hebei provincial key laboratories (bases) and engineering laboratories; 4 Hebei 2011 collaborative innovation centers, 2 key laboratories co-constructed by state-owned enterprises and the university; and a scrolling-supported team in Innovation Team Development Plan of Ministry of Education. The university has undertaken a number of projects of the 973 Program, the 863 Program, the Science and Technology Support Program, the National Key R&D Plan, the National Natural Science Foundation Key Projects, and won 1 first prize of the national science and technology progress, and 5 first prizes of provincial and ministerial level. With its nature index ranking the 73rd in China in 2018, it has entered the top 100 universities in China, and is the only one in Hebei Province.

Social Science Research Development

With profound humanities and social sciences connotation, Hebei University has made remarkable achievements in scientific research projects, awards for achievements, platform construction and think-tank construction, etc. in recent years.

1. High-level projects

Since 2012, the university has undertaken 179 projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China, including 3 major projects and 12 key projects; 2 major bidding projects of the Ministry of Education; and 1 major project (Chinese Character Library Project) of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Outline for Cultural Development.

2. Awards for scientific research achievements

It has won 5 awards for outstanding achievements in scientific research of colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education; 1 provincial special award for outstanding achievements in social science; 167 awards for Hebei social science outstanding achievements and for Hebei social science fund project outstanding achievements. 1 scientific research has been selected into the National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences.

3. Construction of scientific research platform

In terms of the construction of scientific research platform, the Research Center of Song History was confirmed by the Ministry of Education as a key research base of humanities and social sciences in provincial universities in March 2001. In the past five years, the university has built 8 provincial key research bases of humanities and social sciences; 4 provincial key research bases of philosophy and social sciences; 2 provincial collaborative innovation centers, 1 provincial soft science research base and 2 new-type think tanks of Hebei province.

4. Think tanks and social services

The university has vigorously carried out the construction of New-type Think Tanks in Colleges and Universities and built 2 new-type think tanks of Hebei province.

Two teams are honored as Li Baoguo Technology Service Team in Hebei province.