Notice for Receiving Overseas Visiting Scholars

School of Economics, Hebei University

(January, 2024)

In order to improve the level of internationalization and promote the orderly development of international exchange work of the School of Economics, the School invites overseas scholars to visit and exchange. In order to standardize the visiting procedures of the School of Economics, Hebei University and improve the effectiveness of visits and exchange, the following provisions are made.

 1. Principles of Visiting and Exchange

Overseas experts and scholars from well-known universities or research institutions are invited to visit the school to carry out exchange activities such as education and teaching, academic lectures, scientific research and project cooperation. In the exchange activities, both sides should adhere to the principles of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit and friendly cooperation.

 2. Application Schedule


3. Application Materials 

(1) Academic CV 

(2) Certificate of the approval of the work unit 

(3) Study or research plan 

(4) Physical examination record

(5) Insurance policy

4. Eligibility and Visit Period

(1) Lecturers with doctoral degree, associate professors or above, experts and scholars in similar disciplines from oversea universities or research institutes come to the School of Economics, Hebei University to carry out educational teaching, scientific research and other exchange and cooperation activities.

(2) The visit period of overseas experts is usually 3-6 months.

5. Working Conditions and Requirements

(1) The school will provide the office and related office conditions (including computers, printers, etc.).

(2) The Office of International Cooperation will assist in arranging accommodation for the scholars during their visit. But the accommodation, transportation and other expenses shall be borne by the scholars themself.

(3)The scholars must insure Personal insurance for accident and illness (provide a copy of the insurance policy).

(4) The scholars must strictly abide by the laws and regulations of China and its territory, and the relevant regulations of Hebei University and the School of Economics on visiting scholars.

(5) The scholars will actively participate in the teaching and research exchange activities of the college. The school will provide labor fees for the teaching and lecture given by the scholars during their visit according to the school standards.

6. Guidelines of Visiting and Exchange

(1) Scholars shall determine the visiting intention. If the visiting period is less than 90 days (including 90 days), the relevant procedures shall be handled by referring to the “Recruitment and Management Measures of Short-term Foreign Experts of Hebei University (Trial)”.

(2) If the scholar will conduct teaching and scientific research in the school for more than 90 days (excluding 90 days), the relevant procedures shall be handled by referring to the “Recruitment and Management Measures of Long-term Foreign Experts of Hebei University (Trial)”.

(3) The exchange of experts from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shall be subject to the above regulations.

(4) The school assigns foreign affairs commissioner to be responsible for the work of overseas visiting scholars.

(5) The vising scholars will observed the relevant confidentiality regulations of the state and the university in the process of communication and management.

7. Information of Foreign Affairs Commissioner

Foreign Affairs Commissioner:Professor Wang Lihua