HBU Welcomes New Students at a Grand Matriculation Ceremony

HBU held the 2023 Matriculation Ceremony at both the Qiyi Road Campus and the Wusi Road Campus on September 10. New students are full of longing and hope to embark on a new chapter as dream chasers.

Guo Jian, secretary of the CPC HBU Committee, presided over the ceremony and extended warm congratulations and sincere welcome to all new students on behalf of HBU, and sent holiday greetings and best wishes to all teachers of HBU. He earnestly addressed wishes to all new students to firmly follow the instructions and guidance of the Party, and aspire to be good young people of the new era who have lofty ideals, dare to shoulder responsibilities, work hard, and fulfill the youthful oath of “Please rest assured, we are ready to build a powerful China” with a lifetime of struggle. To be a firm believer and faithful practitioner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, conscientiously practice core socialist values, fully promote patriotism, internalize it in the heart and externalize it in actions, illuminate the path of progress with the light of thought, and create a better future with the power of faith, to prove worthy of the times and the splendor of youth. To adhere to the spirit of the motto “Seek Truth from Facts”, inherit and carry forward the excellent traditions of century-old HBU, study hard, make progress every day, combine learning with practice, achieve comprehensive development, pursue better selves, and bring luster to the dream of HBU to build a powerful century-old university!

President Kang Le, a member of CAS, delivered an enthusiastic speech. He said that to understand a university, one must comprehend its mission from the perspective of history, appreciate its spirit from the values of patriotism, and experience its responsibility from the demands of the era. Over the past century since its founding, HBU has always inherited the red heritage, constantly pursued excellence, and forged the unfading motto Seek Truth from Facts. Therefore, it has accumulated and formed the patriotic spirit of educating the country and cultivating talents, the scientific spirit of seeking truth and being open-minded and inclusive, the entrepreneurial spirit of perseverance and hard work, and the spirit of dedication to the people and serving society. Kang Le emphasized that universities are places for academic pursuits. During university, students should actively engage in intellectual interactions and dialogues with truth, find the key to envisioning and changing the world, and steadfastly keep on the path of academic innovation. He urged all students to have patriotism internalized in their hearts, and to integrate the goals of learning and the value of innovation into the construction of our country, to build an innovative China by innovative youth; to have a persistent learning attitude, to endure loneliness, to withstand setbacks, to steadily advance in a down-to-earth manner, facing challenges from scratch while constructing a new knowledge system through active exploration; to have a proactive and diligent spirit of learning and thinking, to actively explore and strive to cultivate the habit of independent thinking, to find excitement, alignment, and direction in in-depth professional learning, to deepen understanding of the major and accumulate knowledge wealth through enthusiastic and joyful learning.

New students were pinned with Hebei University badge at the ceremony. HBU leaders attending the ceremony pinned shiny badges for the representatives of the new students, congratulating them on joining HBU officially. Wearing the badge that is full of blessings and expectations from HBU and carrying the mission and glory of HBU, the spirit in the motto flows in the hearts of students, gathering together as a spiritual force for a powerful China and promising youth.

Teacher representatives, Wang Qi, from the School of Chinese Language and Literature, and Li Leipeng, from the College of Physics Science and Technology, respectively, encouraged freshmen to chase dreams and firm their ideals and beliefs; to be down-to-earth, persevere steadily, improve themselves through virtues, establish their careers through learning, and contribute to the country with their talents. New students should utilize their youth to write a chapter of struggle that is worthy of the times and worthy of themselves.

Representatives of students, Wang Nan, an undergraduate student majoring in Broadcasting and Hosting Art in the School of Journalism and Communication from the Class of 2021, and Yang Ruilin, a graduate student majoring in Pharmaceutical Analysis in the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Class of 2022, respectively, send their best wishes to the freshmen, urging them to uphold the tradition of seeking truth from facts, not forgetting their original aspirations, and to cultivate strong skills, becoming pioneers on the new journey and growing into a new generation who are capable of shouldering the responsibilities of national rejuvenation!

Representatives of new students, Bai Tengxuan, an undergraduate student from the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and Cao Wenxuan, an undergraduate student from the College of History, respectively, expressed their determination to make diligent studying the driving force of youth, to make skill improvement the energy of youth struggle, and to strive to be good young people of the new era who have lofty ideals, dare to shoulder responsibilities, and work hard.

HBU leaders Yang Lihai, Shen Shigang, Chen Hongjun, Xu Jianmin, Ni Zhiyu, Meng Qingyu, Hu Lijun, and Guo Changbao attended the ceremony. Responsible comrades of Party and government functional departments and each college, representatives of teachers and students, and representatives of 2023 freshmen enjoyed a solemn and wonderful ceremony together.

Guo Jian, secretary of the CPC HBU Committee, presides over the ceremony.

President Kang Le, a member of CAS, delivers a speech at the ceremony.

New students are pinned with the university badge.

Wusi Road Campus Ceremony Site

Qiyi Road Campus Ceremony Site


(Contributed by HBU Office of CPC Publicity)