Zhang Junxia Won the Yanzhao Friendship Award

In recognition of the 20 foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of Hebei Province, the Hebei Provincial People’s Government held the 2022 presentation ceremony of the Yanzhao Friendship Award” on February 2, in which Wang Zhengpu, governor of Hebei province, presented medals and certificates to the award-winning experts. Zhang Junxia, a Canadian expert at Hebei University, was awarded this honor.

Wang Zhengpu, on behalf of the provincial government, extended warm congratulations to the award-winning foreign experts and sincere greetings to other foreign experts, international friends, and their family members working in Hebei Province. He said foreign experts made outstanding contributions as Hebei saw tremendous economic growth over the previous year. All the experts come from different countries, and their experience in Hebei is wonderful and unforgettable. Under the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, Hebei is working hard to push forward Chinese modernization in Hebei Province, building a prosperous and beautiful Hebei. It is hoped that experts will continue to devote themselves and make more contributions to the development of Hebei, bringing a better future for Hebei. Accordingly, Hebei will continue to create a favorable environment for experts, so that they can work and live a comfortable life in Hebei.

Bogdanov Yuriy delivered a speech on behalf of the experts. Yan Pengcheng, vice governor of Hebei Province, read out the award decision. Zhu Haowen, secretary general of the provincial government, presided over the awarding ceremony.

To implement Xi Jinping’s strategy on developing a quality workforce in the new era, Hebei established the “Yanzhao Friendship Award”. It is the ultimate accolade for foreign experts presented by the People’s Government of Hebei Province.  Since its establishment in 2002, Hebei University has a total of 12 people who have been awarded this honor. Zhang Junxia, the award-winning Canadian foreign expert, works in the College of Life Sciences, where she is mainly engaged in areas such as biosystematics and biodiversity, and made a breakthrough in the systematic evolution and diversity of invertebrates.