2024 Spring Meeting of SEMI China Photovoltaic Standard Technical Committee and New Photovoltaic Technology Innovation Conference Convenes at HBU


From May 16 to 17, the 2024 Spring Meeting of the SEMI China Photovoltaic Standard Technical Committee and the New Photovoltaic Technology Innovation and Development Conference, hosted by SEMI China and organized by Hebei University, was held at the Qiyi Road Campus of Hebei University. Guo Jian, the Party Secretary of HBU, and Zhang Guibao, Deputy Mayor of Baoding Municipal Government, attended and delivered speeches at the Conference. Shan Yaojun, Vice President of HBU, and Feng Li, Senior Director of SEMI China, also attended the event.


Guo Jian pointed out that universities, as an important hub for science and technology, talent, and innovation, are crucial to accelerating the formation of new productive forces. With nearly thirty years of history in photovoltaic research, Hebei University is a core base for photovoltaic new energy research in Baoding City, with extensive collaborations with major photovoltaic companies. The university will adhere to the "four orientations," closely integrating national strategies with the major common technological demands of the photovoltaic industry chain, conducting basic research, applied research, outcome transformation, major technological products, and comprehensive technological processes for promoting photovoltaic technological innovation and talent development.


The photovoltaic industry is one of the strategic emerging industries in the country, where technological innovation and standard setting are important driving forces for industry development. Currently, SEMI has published a total of 1087 standards, with 101 standards issued by the Photovoltaic Standards Technical Committee. Since its establishment in December 2011, SEMI China's Photovoltaic Standards Committee has been operating for nearly 13 years, holding 33 committee meetings and issuing 42 SEMI international industry standards, with 7 standards currently under development.


More than 200 experts from over 50 companies and research institutions including the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Soochow University, Yingli Energy, Trina Solar, Longi Green Energy, JA Solar, and DA Solar attended the meeting. This conference focused on the application of novel materials in battery technology, attracting participants from enterprises, experts, universities, and scholars in the industry chain to explore photovoltaic industrial technology, aiming to provide new perspectives and innovative momentum for the continuous advancement of the photovoltaic industry.