Malaysia's Lincoln University College Delegation Visits HBU


On the morning of April 17th, Guo Jian, the Secretary of the Party Committee, met with the President of Malaysia's Lincoln University College, President Amiya Bhaumik, at the Wusi Road campus.


Guo Jian welcomed the visit of President Amiya Bhaumik and his delegation. He pointed out that Hebei University has maintained a long-term cooperative relationship with Malaysian universities, achieving good results in teacher training, student exchanges, and the establishment of Confucius Institutes. The Lincoln University College led by President Amiya Bomik has developed rapidly. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia. It is hoped that the two universities will take this visit as an opportunity to promote a new phase of international cooperation at a higher level and in a broader range of areas, focusing on strengthening mutual learning and exchanges in international education, international talent cultivation, faculty exchanges, and student exchanges. President Amiya Bhaumik expressed admiration for the achievements of our university in international education and hoped to deepen discussions on collaborative projects, continuously expand the scope of cooperation, and achieve complementary advantages and mutual benefits in international education and other areas.


During their visit to the university, Liang Wei, member of the Party Committee and Vice President, held a working meeting with President Amiya Bhaumik and his delegation. Liang Wei first introduced the history of our university, as well as the recent developments in research, disciplines, and international education, hoping that the two universities can enhance communication and exchanges, promote practical international cooperation and exchanges, and focus on advancing joint student training in medical-related disciplines, Sino-foreign cooperative education, international research cooperation, joint student guidance by Chinese and foreign supervisors, and faculty and student exchanges. Subsequently, President Amiya Bhaumik introduced Lincoln University College in Malaysia, as well as the layout and development of medical-related disciplines at the university, expressing the hope for comprehensive international cooperation and exchanges in medical disciplines with our university. During the visit to the university, President Amiya Bhaumik and his delegation visited the Medical Comprehensive Experimental Center and related laboratories of the School of Basic Medical Sciences at our university.