HBU held the first International Cultural Festival

On November 18th, the first International Cultural Festival of our university was held at the multifunctional hall of Hebei University Wusi Road Campus. The College of International Exchange and Education hosted the Festival, with the co-sponsorship of the Student Union and the Baoding City Literary Federation. More than 200 international students from 25 countries and regions across five continents, as well as Chinese students, participated in the International Cultural Festival.


Lei Yanmin, Secretary of the Party Group of the Baoding City Literary Federation, Li Wengang, Vice Chairman of the Hebei Provincial Artists Association and Chairman of the Baoding City Literary Federation, and Bai Jin, Secretary of the Student Union, attended the event.


The performance began with a play by Li Yumei, a national first-class actress and a performer of Hebei Bangzi opera, with "Gold Medals Bring Silver Medals" and "After Listening, Couldn't Help But Smile". Then, Shi Lei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Hebei Provincial Quyi Artists Association, and Zhao Gen, Deputy Secretary-General of the Baoding City Quyi Artists Association, presented tongue twisters and cross talk, showcasing the profoundness of Chinese culture through martial arts, traditional Chinese clothing, and calligraphy performances by the Hebei University Martial Arts Association, Lianchi Chinese Studies Society, and Sanyu Calligraphy Society. The international students presented a splendid display of exotic cultures, including African drums from Niger, Karla group dance from Mauritania, and Pahutu dance from Pakistan. Additionally, band performances and fashion shows from various countries left a deep impression on the audience, showcasing the unique charm of each country's culture. The international students also carefully set up booths showcasing the traditional clothing, crafts, and cuisine of their respective countries, attracting both Chinese and international students to stop and admire.


This event enriched the campus cultural life of our university, enhanced mutual understanding between Chinese and international students, promoted cultural exchanges, and further advanced the convergence management of Chinese and international students. Together, Chinese and international students have created a new chapter of mutual learning and exchange of civilization.