Professor Shi Hongyun's Team Published a Paper in an Internationally Renowned Journal


Recently, Professor Shi Hongyun, director of the Radiotherapy Department at Hebei University Affiliated Hospital, collaborated with Shanghai University to publish a research paper titled "Engineering 2D Bi4NbO8Br single crystalline nanosheets for piezoelectric and piezodynamic tumor nanotherapy" in the prestigious international journal "Chemical Engineering Journal." Professor Shi Hongyun is the first corresponding author, and Hebei University Affiliated Hospital is the first completion unit of the paper. This research work involved the rational design of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)-modified two-dimensional layered Bi4NbO8Br (BNB) single crystal nanosheets, denoted as BNB@P. The synthesized BNB@P nanosheets generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) under ultrasound induction and induce apoptosis in liver cancer cells by modulating MAPK phosphorylation. In vitro cell-level assessments and in vivo anti-tumor results demonstrate that BNB@P significantly inhibits the growth of liver cancer cells under ultrasound induction. The novel nanomaterial designed in this study expands the application field of piezoelectric biomaterials and opens up new directions for exploring liver cancer treatment.

The "Chemical Engineering Journal" is one of the top three most influential journals in the international engineering, technology, and chemical engineering fields (JCR Q1, CAS Q1, Impact Factor: 15.1). Its main purpose is to promptly report important scientific research results and innovative technologies in the fields of chemical reaction engineering, environmental chemical engineering, materials synthesis applications, and more in the international engineering domain.