Law School


The precursor of the College of Law was the Law Department of HBU, which was established in 1980 and began to recruit undergraduates in 1981. The Law Department is the first to establish law major in Hebei Province and the first batch of law major in China after the reform and opening up. In 1983, the first political science major in Hebei Province was added to the Law Department. In October 2000, the College of Political Science and Law was established by merging the former Philosophy Department and Law Department, which comprises the Department of Law, the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Political Science and Administration, and the Department of Sociology. In September 2019, the Party Committee of HBU decided to reorganize the College of Political Science and Law into Law School and School of Philosophy and Sociology. The newly established College of Law consists of the Law Department and the Political Science and Administration Department.