School of Chinese Language and Literature


Founded in December 2008, the College of Literature of Hebei University consists of Chinese Language Department and Institute of Ancient Books Collation and Studies. The Chinese Language Department evolved from the Women's Department of Literature of Tianjin Institute of Business and Technology (1933 ~ 1948), found in 1943, with Liu Bin as directors and Sun Jiayu as directors of the Women's Department. In April 1945, the Women's the College of Literature was established, and the director was Liu Nairen, Dean of Tianjin Institute of Business and Technology. The Women's College of Literature enrolled both men and women, abolishing the policy of “only enrolling women” in August 1946. Moreover, Western language department opened. The Department of Women's Literature was changed to the Department of Chinese Literature.

Tianjin Institute of Business and Technology was renamed as a private Jingu University in October 1948. In 1951, the Ministry of Education of the Central People's Government approved the request of the Board of Directors of the private Jingu University (1948 ~ 1951), changed Jingu University into a public one, and established a normal college based on the original College of Literature of Jingu University. Tianjin Normal University was established on the original site of the Normal College of Jingu University in 1952. In June 1958, Tianjin Normal College was expanded into Tianjin Normal University. Hebei Provincial Party Committee decided to change Tianjin Normal University into a comprehensive Hebei University in May 1960. In 1970, Hebei University moved to Baoding City (the capital of Hebei Province moved from Tianjin to Baoding in May 1966; it moved to Shijiazhuang in February 1968.) In 1986, the Institute of Ancient Books Collation and Studies was established in the Retention Office of Hebei University, the racecourse Road, Tianjin, with Professor Zhan Ai as the first director.

Journalism was added to the Chinese Language Department in1980. Journalism was separated from the Chinese Language Department and the journalism department was established in 1995. In 1995, the Chinese Literature Department was approved by Hebei Provincial Government as the talent training and scientific research base of Chinese discipline in Hebei Province. The Chinese Language Department, the History Department and the Institute of Ancient Books Collation and Studies merged to form the Humanities College in October 2000. In December 2008, the Department of History was separated from the Humanities College and formed into the College of History with the Song History Research Center, and the Humanities College was renamed as the College of Literature.

In its development, the College of Literature has formed an atmosphere of advocating scientific research and attaching importance to teaching practice. A group of influential experts and scholars (Gu Sui, Zhan Ai, Zhang Gong, Pei Xuehai, Huang Qi, Lei Shiyu, Wei Jichang and other famous scholars who have taught here for a long time) have emerged, and delivered a large number of outstanding talents to the society who have made remarkable achievements.