School of Cyber Security and Computer


School of Computer Science and Technology of HBU was officially renamed School of Cyber Security and Computer in September 2017. Our school can be traced back to the undergraduate major of Computer and Application founded in 1982. It is among the earliest CS program in Hebei Province. As early as the 1950s, HBU successfully developed China’s first analog electronic computer; in 1979, we successfully developed the only medium-sized electronic computer in Hebei province; in 1993, we obtained the first master’s degree of computer application technology authorization point in Hebei Province; in 1994, the major of computer application technology was awarded the first batch of key disciplines in Hebei Province; in 2014, the Hebei branch of the Center for High Performance Computer was established; in 2017, the Hebei Provincial Key Laboratory of “high reliability information system” was approved, and the Hebei Cyber Security Research Institute and Hebei Cloud Computing Research Institute were approved. In 2019, it was approved as the first provincial-level first-class cyber security school construction unit in Hebei Province.