College of Education


College of Education of HBU was originally founded as Department of Education of Tianjin Hebei Women’s Normal College in 1931. In 1960, it was renamed Department of Education of HBU. In 1970, it was relocated to Baoding City, Hebei Province with the College. In 2000, the College of Educational Science was established, and in 2004 it was officially named the College of Education of HBU. In the long history of running a school for nearly 90 years, we trained a large number of well-known scholars throughout the country, such as Hu Yi, Han Wendong, Hao Yinpu, Wang Peizuo, Teng Dachun, Xu Yichi, Xu Chunsheng, Liu Wenxiu, Zhang Shuzu, Hu Shixiang, Xiao Shuzi and so on, which laid a solid historical foundation and a profound cultural deposit for College of Education. In the early 1980s, the College got the authority to award a master’s degree in history of foreign education, comparative education and educational technology; in 1986, the College was approved as China’s first doctoral program in history of foreign education; in 2007, the College found a post-doctoral scientific research mobile station as a first-level discipline in pedagogy; in 2010, the College got the authority to award a master’s degree in psychology; in 2018, the College got the authority to award doctoral degrees in education as a first-level discipline.

The College consists of four departments and seven academic institutions: Department of Education, Department of Preschool Education, Department of Psychology, and Department of Educational Technology; Institute of Educational History and Culture, Institute of International and Comparative Education, Institute of Educational Sciences, Institute of Preschool Education, Institute of Higher Education, Institute of Modern Educational Technology and Institute of Educational Psychology.