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Hemiao Maker Space

Established for a hundred year, upholding the school motto “seeking truth from acts, being diligent in study and be honest in behavior” as the university spirit, Hebei University has formed unique university cultural connotation and school spirit, namely, “being knowledgeable, seeking truth, being consistent, being innovative”. Under the new situation “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, the university continues to deepen the reform of education and teaching, and places cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents, as a system project combined with heavy resources at the most important places of talent cultivation, forming the educating concept, which is “integration of professional education and innovative education, interaction between the first classroom and the second classroom, and mutual exchange between school resources and social resources”. Founded in 2016, Hemiao Maker Space is located on the fourth floor of Huarunyuan Restaurant in north block of main campus, whose original site is the incubation base of Hebei University Entrepreneurial College. In 2015, in response to the spirit of the “Guiding Opinion of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Maker Space for Public Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (issued by General Office of the State Council〔2015〕NO.9), after fully demonstration, extensive research, careful design, Hebei University initiated the establishment Hemiao Maker Space. After a year of transformation and construction, environmental optimization and project promotion, Hemiao Maker Space has been become a refined, full-featured college students entrepreneurial incubation base. The construction area of Hemiao Maker Space is 1,200 square meters. It has a comprehensive service desk, project roadshow hall, communication hall, comprehensive conference hall, incubation training hall, achievement exhibition hall, data information center, entrepreneurial coffee shop and other functional areas. The maker space has a magnificent layout and clear functional zone to make efficient collaboration, which realizes the comprehensive one-stop service function integrating students' innovation and entrepreneurship guidance, education, training and incubation. Since the establishment, Hemiao Maker Space has organized more than 100 various types of entrepreneurial salon, 26 entrepreneurship trainings, and has incubated more than 60 student entrepreneur team. A batch of entrepreneurship typical and “Entrepreneurship Star” of Hebei Province have been cultivated, represented by the founder of “Laidian Creative Hotel” He Yan, founder of “Tanxiaofengsheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.” Nie Xin, and the founder of “Zhijiansuyin” Du Yaxin, which has formed a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere throughout the school In the future development, Hemiao Maker Space will be based on the “small but beautiful” development concept with discipline characteristics, taking it as ordinate origin to connect with off-campus innovative and entrepreneurial training base, and gradually build a point-type distribution, line into the surface, multi-faceted entrepreneurial incubator platform. In the continuous deepening reform of education and exploration of talent cultivation related to innovation and entrepreneurship, Hemiao Maker Space is gradually becoming a new highland and platform for innovation of college students and a great cradle to foster innovative entrepreneurial talent!