School Motto: Seeking Truth From Facts


Founded in 1921 in Tianjin, the original name of Hebei University is Tianjin Technology and Business University. From the very beginning, known for the discipline of industry and commerce and based on science, the university integrates the traditional Chinese scholarship spirit and the ideological trend of saving the country with science, which lays a foundation of advocating science and pragmatic innovation. In the 1930s, at a critical period of turbulent times and national advancement, the school summed up more than ten years of experience and formed its motto of "seeking truth from facts". For nearly a hundred years, the school has been forging the cause of saving and strengthening the country through education in the spirit of seeking truth from facts and it has achieved one glorious period after another in the history of the school's development.

The phrase "seeking truth from facts" is originally an expression of the localized spirit of governance with strong Chinese characteristics, first found in the “History of the Han Dynasty” written by the historian Ban Gu of the Eastern Han Dynasty. It was used to describe Liu De, the King of Hejian (King of Xian as his posthumous title): “ bending himself in the ancient knowledge and seeking truth from facts.” Taking the traditional Chinese term as a school motto conforms to the requirements of the times and the tradition of schooling, and it also presents the charm and character of Yanzhao culture.

The phrase “seeking truth from facts" not only contains the attitude and spirit of pursuing true knowledge, but also the thoughts and actions of managing for present use. It is the combination of truth-seeking and pragmatism, the unity of cognition and action. The tradition and spirit of “seeking truth from facts” has been cast in the character of HBUers. It embodies their responsibility for family and country, inherits the quality of tenacity and manifests spirit of the time. At the same time, it accumulates lasting spiritual impetus and profound cultural deposits.









Hebei University (HBU) is co-constructed by Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Hebei Province. It is also one of the first-level universities participating in China’s construction plan of national first-class university and world-class disciplines, with strong support from the Hebei Provincial Government.

Currently, there are approximately 42,000 full-time students, including undergraduates and postgraduates. There are 15 first-level  disciplines authorized to offer doctoral degrees, 46 first-level disciplines authorized to award master degrees, 30 disciplines authorized to offer professional master degrees, 95 undergraduate programs and 7 Sino-foreign cooperative majors. As one of the universities with most completed discipline fields across China, it offers programmes in 12 major fields.

HBU boasts remarkable ability in education, with 1 national key discipline, 18 key disciplines of Hebei Province, 11 postdoctoral research stations and 1 postdoctoral research center. Apart from that, there are 14 state-level Quality Engineering Projects including Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers and characteristic specialties, 17 national Undergraduate Teaching Projects covering professional comprehensive reform pilots, outstanding talents training plans and undergraduate educational practice bases.


Many famous teachers have taught at the school, such as Hua Nangui, Hou Renzhi, Wu Yuru, Gao Jingying, Gu Sui, Ma Feng, Qi Xia, Zhan Ying and Teng Dachun. At present, there are 67 national outstanding talents such as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, members of “Changjiang Scholars”, nationally outstanding teachers, “National project for Millions of Talents and so on.

HBU has gone through the vicissitudes of nearly 100 years since its establishment. During its course of development, the university has been always upholding the principle of “Seeking Truth From Facts” and the spirit of openness and inclusiveness. Thus it has formed a fine school spirit of “Erudition, Pursuit for truth, Endurance, Innovation. With the opportunity of being co-constructed by Hebei Province and Ministry of Education, all teachers and students are working together to overcome difficulties and striding ahead to build a top-level university!