Hebei University Opens the One-year Countdown to the 100th Anniversary

10 22, 2020 08:33pm

On the land of Yanzhao region, there is a lofty university-Hebei University, whose original intention of repaying the country with education has never changed. On the occasion of celebrating the 99t...

Hebei University holds the 2020 Opening Ceremony and Variety Show for the Freshmen and National Day

10 13, 2020 08:01pm

On the evening of October 5th and 7th, Wusi Road Campus and Qiyi Road Campus of Hebei University were filled with bright lights and melodious music. The Opening Ceremony of 2020 and the variety show...

Kang Le's Team Reveals the Mystery of Locust Aggregation

08 25, 2020 09:46pm

The team of Academician Kang Le in Hebei University has found the aggregation pheromone molecule of locusts by tackling key problems, revealing the mystery of these pests’ swarming.

Hebei University Held 2020 Cloud Commencement Ceremony

07 13, 2020 08:31pm

Both Hebei University and its students have deep attachment to each other. On 8 July, Hebei University broadcasted its 2020 Commencement live online. Graduates and teachers, almost 10 thousand, gath...

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