The First National Major Epidemic Treatment Base in Hebei Has Been Completed Ahead of Schedule and Put into Service

In November 2022, the second National Major Epidemic Treatment Base in China, also the first in Hebei, was completed ahead of the scheduled date and put into service at the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University. The base played an advantage of centralized treatment during the most intense period of Baoding's fight against the epidemic. Also, it played a significant role in effectively preventing the occurrence of severe cases and reducing the mortality rate within the region, met the medical needs of people during the special period, and greatly relieved the pressure on medical institutions for diagnosis and treatment.

In 2022, the Affiliated Hospital of HBU fully understood the complexity, enormity, and repeatability of the fight against the epidemic, strengthened its responsibility, and solidly promoted the implementation of various prevention and control measures with a sense of responsibility, “always concerning about the fight”. After carrying out in-depth scientific research and judgment on the development trend of the epidemic, the Affiliated Hospital of HBU clarified responsibility, exerted pressure, actively coordinated the construction team and supervision team to accelerate the construction progress of the base, and carried out the project with high-quality and high-efficiency, ensuring that the base was completed two months ahead of the scheduled date. With the strong support of the Baoding Municipal Party Committee, the Baoding Municipal Government, and relevant competent departments, the acceptance and delivery of the base has been completed in the shortest time. After the delivery, the Affiliated Hospital of HBU made early preparations and raced against time to prepare medical supplies required for the base in a short period of time, including all kinds of medical treatment equipment, medical facilities, apparatus, medicines, and other medical supplies, so as to achieve the early completion, efficient acceptance and delivery, and timely preparedness of the base, reaching the standard of "meeting urgent needs". In mid-November 2022, in the face of the unprecedented severe, complex epidemic situation, the Affiliated Hospital of HBU implemented the new requirements for epidemic prevention and control and made a resolute decision to put the base into service for treatment work immediately. Then the base was quickly switched to the mode of treatment for severe cases within 24 hours, received severe patients as soon as possible, and expanded treatment resources in time.

Since the base was put into service, the rescue team for severe cases and the multi-professional medical backbone team in the Affiliated Hospital of HBU have been doing their best and fighting day and night on the front line of treatment to achieve that all suspected and confirmed patients should be admitted to the hospital and all confirmed patients should be treated. To ensure severe cases treatment, the Affiliated Hospital of HBU has set up a rescue team for severe cases, broken the inherent department system, adopted a vertical medical and nursing management mode, and uniformly deployed medical experts and medical treatment, nursing, and medical technical cadres to the front line of severe cases treatment. The Affiliated Hospital of HBU also has equipped advanced intensive care equipment to the base, which strongly supported the severe cases treatment work and achieved the treatment goals of preventing the occurrence of severe cases, sparing no effort to treat severe cases, and reducing the mortality rate.