The First Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education Settled in HBU

Recently, the Ministry of Education has released the approval list of construction projects of its engineering research center in 2022, and the engineering research center for Zero-carbon Energy Buildings and Measurement Technique in HBU won the approval for construction. This approval further enriches the types of scientific research platforms in HBU and will set a sound foundation for accelerating and enhancing the efficiency and high-quality promotion of the “Double First-Class” construction in our university.

Given the pressing demand of “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality” which need to be solved urgently, our engineering research center of the Ministry of Education for Zero-carbon Energy Buildings and Measurement Technique aims at launching systematic theoretical researches and technological application development, which is based on multidisciplinary foundation and interdisciplinary complement and in the center of the integration of zero-carbon energy and buildings, the integration of carbon sequestration technology and buildings as well as the measurement and the evaluation standardization of building carbon. To achieve this goal, we will conduct technological researches on new photovoltaic modules for construction, redundant heat utilization, carbon-sequestering construction materials, new carbon dioxides utilization and the utilization of carbon in building system etc. We will also develop an integrated system of photovoltaic and photothermoelectric constructions, combine the Measurement Technique of building carbon, the big data of zero-carbon energy and numerical model researches, construct an evaluation standardization system of zero-carbon energy buildings as well as regulate and guide the development of zero-carbon energy building industry to build a leading domestic and international first-class research institution and a base for fostering technological talents, thus severing to the achievement of “double carbon” initiative.

The scientific research platform is an essential constituent of all scientific researches, a foundation and guarantor for conducting researches systematically as well as an integral part of achieving the initiative of “big platform, big team, big project and big success”.

The engineering research center of the Ministry of Education is an significant part of the scientific and innovation system of colleges and universities in China as well as an important base and platform for colleges and universities to enhance resource sharing, promote the construction and progress of disciplines, organize engineering technology research and development, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, foster and assemble high-level scientific and innovative talents as well as manage talents, organize scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges.