Clinical Medicine at HBU Ranks Top 1% in ESI Global Ranking

On July 14, Clarivate Analytics announced the latest statistics of ESI. Hebei University made a significant breakthrough once again. Its clinical medicine discipline entered the ESI top 1%.

It became the 4th ESI listed discipline of Hebei University after Chemistry, Material Sciences, and Engineering, and the only discipline to newly enter the ESI top 1% this time, which means the new level of clinical medicine discipline at Hebei University.

Under the strategy of rising medicine discipline, the university attaches great importance to the construction and development of clinical medicine discipline by innovating discipline construction system and mechanism, integrating high-quality resources, and promoting the integration of clinical medicine discipline with other disciplines. Also, it takes its affiliated hospitals as the main position to cultivate medical talents, steps up the construction of the innovation platform for medical research, and works hard to improve the overall strength and international influence of the discipline. Thanks to these efforts, HBU's clinical medicine discipline has gained great achievements.

ESI (Essential Science Indicators) is an analytical tool based on the Web of Science Core Collection database.

ESI ranks research statistics and research strengths for institutions, countries, and journals in 22 broad disciplines based on paper publication and citation performance.

At present, ESI is one of the important indicators for evaluating the international academic level and influence of universities, scientific research institutions, and countries/regions.