HBU Holds 2022 Online Commencement Ceremony & Degree Conferment Ceremony

On June 30, Hebei University held its 2022 commencement ceremony & degree conferment ceremony online, celebrating the completion of graduates' academic studies.

The ceremony was attended by Guo Jian, Kang Le, Wang Peiguang, Yang Lihai, Shen Shigang, Chen Hongjun, Xu Jianmin Guo Changbao and other leaders, as well as representatives of teachers.

11924 graduates and their parents, teachers, students, alumni, and those who are cares about HBU, gathered in the livestreaming to witness this special commencement ceremony.

The ceremony was presided over by Guo Jian, secretary of the Party Committee of Hebei University. Guo Jian declared the beginning of the commencement ceremony & degree conferment ceremony at 10:00 a.m.

Shen Shigang, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of Hebei University, vice president of the university, and vice chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of Hebei University read out the decision on the 2022 conferment of degrees. The school previously gave each graduate an academic dress. The audience was presented with a video that showed graduates' parents awarded diplomas and set the tassels to the left side for them on behalf of teachers. This special degree conferment ceremony is sacred and warm.

Over the past years, HBU graduates have worked hard academically and professionally. Among them, many students with progressive thinking dedicated themselves to research and were willing to make contributions. Wang Peiguang, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of Hebei University and vice president of the university, declared the award decision of the outstanding graduates. 6 doctors, 76 masters and 213 undergraduates were awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Graduates of Hebei's Higher Education Institutions in 2022".

Chen Jiaxuan, an undergraduate graduate from the School of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Bai Linlin, a master's graduate from the School of Public Health and Ma Zhiyue, a doctoral graduate from the School of Economics, delivered speeches as outstanding graduate representatives respectively, recalling their on-campus studies and expressing great gratitude to the university.

Wang Jinying, a professor from the School of Economics, Han Tianlu, a professor from the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Wang Yan, a professor from the School of Nursing, Hua Qiang, a professor from the School of Mathematics and Information Science and Guan Li, a professor from the School of Physics Science and Technology, gave their speeches respectively as teacher representatives and conveyed their hope that graduates will uphold the motto of "seeking truth from facts" and will go forth with courage, no matter what lies ahead.

Kang Le, president of HBU, chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech during the ceremony, extending his warmest congratulations and best wishes to all the graduates. He said that college years are full of good memories and during this period, students nurture their basic values. As the HBUer in the new era, they should embrace great dreams, devote themselves to great undertakings and write a new chapter in their lives. He stressed that the youngers should always hold strong faith in pursuit of dreams. He called on students to take "serving country and society" as the highest pursuit of life and integrate their youth closely with the development of the country; he stressed that the youngers should always give priority to learning, make full use of what they have learned and be always eager for new knowledge. Through learning, the young can make their life richer, and broaden their horizons and minds, thus striving for a brighter future; he stressed that the youngers should always remain true to their initial aspirations and pursue the greater good despite the twists and turns of life. Young people should embrace new fields, new business models and new things and achieve their goals through unwavering efforts.

In his speech, Guo Jian hoped this well-organized online ceremony can bring graduates' college days to a successful end and leave them with wonderful memories of their life journey.

At the end of the ceremony, Guo Jian expressed his sincere wishes to all graduates. First, stay loyal to the country and remain true to original aspirations. He called upon graduates to always follow the party and stay loyal to the country, serve the country and its people, shoulder their responsibilities without hesitation, make more contributions to the country's prosperity and rejuvenation, take the realization of national rejuvenation as their own mission, and practice the spirit of dedication and contribution to our country.

Second, overcome difficulties and forge ahead bravely. Each younger should cherish this great era, be a pioneer and contributor in this era and integrate their youth into the realization of the Chinese Dream with hard work.

Third, treasure college days and put the school into hearts. He hoped that no matter how far you go and where you go, you should always remember where you started, keep Hebei University in your mind, and live up to the spirit of the century-old university.

He concluded his speech by extending his warmest congratulations and best wishes to all the graduates!

During the ceremony, short videos such as Na Xie Nian, Qing Chun Liu Xia De Di Fang, and Si Nian were played to recall the touching moments of college days. Every frame and story are the unique youth memory of graduates.

The whole ceremony was held in a warm and touching vibe. The ceremony was broadcast online simultaneously on Hebei University WeChat Channel, Weibo, Hebei University Cloud, Hebei University Youth Douyin Account, Jiyun App, and iHebei, attracting wide attention from society.