School of Journalism and Communication of HBU and CRI Online Jointly Build an International Communication Base


On May 31, CRI Online and the School of Journalism and Communication of Hebei University signed an agreement to jointly build an online international communication base to advance mutually beneficial cooperation between media and universities and jointly cultivate international communication talents. The event was held through "cloud signing" integrating online and offline in the main venue in Beijing and sub-venues in 15 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Fan Jianping, president of CRI Online, delivered a speech in the event. He said, this event is aimed at discussing how to promote international communication capacity at practical levels, establishing a discourse system integrating China and world and sharing success stories and lessons of international communication practices. Meanwhile, through cooperation with universities in various provinces, CRI Online is looking for new ways and means to cultivate talents needed by international communication in the new era, he added.

CRI Online in this event signed with 16 universities including Hebei University through " cloud signing". In its sub-venue of Hebei Province, on behalf of CRI Online, Wang Shanshan, general manager and chief editor of Hebei Channel of CRI Online, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Han Lixin, dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of Hebei University.

Han said, the school is jointly established by the Publicity Department of Hebei Province Communist Party of China (CPC) and Hebei University. The school attaches great importance to the capacity for cultivating international communication talents and has primarily formed the international communication talents cultivation capacity under the principle of "based on China and going the world". The agreement signed with CRI Online provides the school a high-quality platform to foster international communication talents.