Four HBU Researchers Made the List of 2021 Elsevier Highly Cited Chinese Researchers

Elsevier, a global information analysis company, recently officially released the 2021 “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” List, which includes 4,701 the most influential Chinese researchers globally in various disciplines from 523 universities, enterprises and scientific research institutions. Academician Kang Le, the president of HBU, is selected into the “Biology” list, Professor Wan Shiqiang, Dean of the School of Life Sciences, is selected into the “Ecology” list, Professor Liu Yankui from the College of Mathematics and Information Science is selected into the “Management Science and Engineering” list, and Professor Yao Xiaotian from the College of Physics Science and Technology is selected into the “Optical Engineering” list.

The 2021 Elsevier “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” List uses Scopus, the most authoritative citation and index database in the world, as the statistical source of scientific research achievements of Chinese researchers, and adopts the selection method designed by SHANGHAI RANKING and finally gets 4,701 the most influential Chinese researchers globally in various disciplines. Scopus is the world’s leading peer-reviewed abstract citation database, including more than 24,000 journals from more than 5,000 publishers worldwide, more than 9.8 million academic conference papers, 220,000 books, and 44 million patent information from the world’s top 5 patent agencies. It covers natural sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts and humanities and other disciplines, and provides a large amount of literature, author and data from research institutions related to scientific research activities.

“Highly Cited Researchers” means that the total number of citations of papers published as the first author and corresponding author is at the top level among all Chinese (mainland) researchers in this discipline, which means that the researcher has world-class influence in the research field, and the scientific payoffs have made great contributions to the development of this field.