Party Secretary Guo Jian Attended the Welcome Ceremony for Volunteers back from Winter Olympics


On March 21, the third batch of Hebei University’s volunteers for the Winter Olympic Games ended their isolation observation and returned to school smoothly. Party secretary Guo Jian attended the welcome ceremony for the volunteers.

On behalf of the school Party Committee, Guo Jian extended warm greetings and congratulations to all Winter Olympic volunteers. Guo Jian said that making national interests a priority, all volunteers of Hebei University cherished the rare opportunity to participate in the volunteer service work of the Winter Olympic Games. They overcame the severe cold and difficulties, cooperated to complete various service guarantee tasks, and made positive contributions to the success of the Winter Olympic Games. We are all proud of you! Guo Jian suggested that all volunteers turn their volunteering-enthusiasm into powerful incentives to serve the people, shape the moral character, cultivate innovative consciousness and be earnest in study and work. In addition, Guo Jian hoped that they could honor the youthful vows of "pledging to the Party to make my country strong", and strive to become the Chinese youth of the new era who could be entrusted with great missions.

As the primary duty university of the Winter Olympic Village in Zhangjiakou Division and the source university of professional volunteers of media operation in Genting Snow Park, our university sent 183 volunteers to carry out voluntary services in 27 jobs of 19 business fields during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games. As of March 21, more than 50 volunteers of three batches have returned to school.

At the welcome ceremony, the volunteers reported their service experience and feelings during the Winter Olympic Games. Comrades in charge of the Party Committee Office, the Party Committee Publicity Department, the Party committee Student Work Department and the Youth League Committee also attended the welcome ceremony.


Guo Jian took a group photo with the volunteers