The Academician Forum for HBU’s Centenary Anniversary was Held

On October 17th, the Academician Forum in celebration of Hebei University’s 100th anniversary was held at the lecture hall of the library of Hebei University (HBU) on Qiyi. Attendees are from the sectors of academy, municipal government and social association, including Gao Fu, Zhou Chenghu, Xie Daoxin and Chen Yeguang, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Lin Dongxin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Xue Bingshan, member of the Standing Committee of Baoding Municipal Party committee and director of organization department and united front work department as well; Yang Weikun, vice mayor; Sun Zengjun, secretary the Leading Party Group and chairman of Baoding Association for Science and Technology; Wang Kunyan, vice chairman of Baoding Association for Science and Technology; Zhao Peng, executive vice chairman of Hebei Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association. President of Hebei University, Kang Le and vice president, Gong Zhizhong also participated in the meeting and Gong Zhizhong presided over the meeting.

President Kang Le briefly introduced HBU’s progress in recent years and expressed his sincere gratitude to all sectors of society for their long-term support in HBU’s development. At the forum themed by “Agriculture, Environment and Human Life”, participants explored and discussed the relationship between human and nature, human and environment and human and himself. Kang Le said that the forum was a good theoretical practice in implementing general secretary Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization, and also an attempt in theory to explore how to co-exist between human and nature in academic fields. “With our joint efforts, the meeting will surely bear fruit, providing strong support and practical experience for China's life sciences and even ecological civilization construction”, Kang said.

Xue Bingshan said that HBU has gone through a hundred years and become a well-known university that bore wide influence. Over the years, HBU has based itself in Baoding and carried out a huge number of effective cooperation with all walks of life in Baoding. He hoped that HBU would continue to focus on the national strategic needs and Baoding's development needs, consistently lead Baoding’s scientific and technological innovation and industrial development in key areas, and further deepen university-enterprise cooperation in Baoding, so as to make contributions to build Baoding a livable city.

At the forum, academicians delivered special reports on topics from “Disease Prevention and Control and Scientific and Technological Innovation”, “Smart City in Digital Age”, to “Plant Hormones and Plant Survival”, “Organ-like and Its Application” and “Basic Research and Prevention Progress of Esophageal Cancer”. The forum was jointly organized by Baoding Association for Science and Technology and HBU’s Science and Technology Union. More than 400 teachers and students were present and listened to the reports.