HBU Held the Establishment Ceremony of the “Kang Le Scholarship”


On the afternoon of September 23, HBU held the establishment ceremony of the “Kang Le Scholarship”.

Donated by Kang Le and Du Xiangrong, the “Kang Le Scholarship” specially rewards those excellent students with some domestic difficulties in HBU. With the help of the Kang Le Scholarship, students tend to successfully complete their studies with distinction, thus to better contribute to the socialist modernization drive and serve our motherland and the people. Owing to the establishment of the “Kang Le Scholarship”, people from all walks of life who care about and support the development of higher education are expected to constantly join us to further enrich and expand our strength. In this way, HBU-specific awards are to be established to help more excellent students grow and become useful to the society.

Guo Jian, Party Secretary of HBU, expressed sincere thanks to Kang Le and Du Xiangrong for donating and caring for young college students. He said that Academician Kang Le has always paid attention to the growth of young students. During Kang’s tenure as Director of the Institute of zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he jointly created the “Xingchen Class” of life sciences with HBU, which has become a model of the combination of science and education and collaborative education. Since he became President of HBU in 2017, Academician Kang Le has actively promoted comprehensive reform and made outstanding school achievements in talent training, scientific research, social services and other fields. The establishment of the “Kang Le Scholarship” shows Kang Le and his wife’s sincere love for and commitment to HBU. Their dedication, from which more young students are sure to benefit, embodies the glorious quality of outstanding communist party members.

Academician Kang Le said that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Under the unification and leadership of CPC, we Chinese people have achieved remarkable achievements. Academician Kang Le linked his achievements in scientific research with the cultivation of CPC and China. He said that he can never make any achievements today without the cultivation of his party and country. He also reviewed the course of cooperation with HBU over the past 20 years. Since he became President of HBU, he has a deeper understanding of the long history and cultural character of this centennial university and has been integrated into this land which he deeply loves. The original intention of establishing the scholarship is to appreciate the cultivation of the party, repay the country and the people, and contribute to the rapid development of China’s education. At the same time, the Kang Le Scholarship is also established to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of HBU and help HBU realize its dream of becoming a first-class university as soon as possible.

Li Jinshan, Chairman of the education foundation of HBU, issued a donation certificate to Academician Kang le. Li Jinshan said that the foundation will manage and make good use of the scholarship in strict accordance with the Measures for the Administration of the “Kang Le Schorlarship”. Therefore, the charitable deeds of Kang Le and his wife which help the needy and put emphasis on education endeavors are ensured to benefit more young college students.