HBU Held the 37th Teacher’s Day Celebration Meeting  

On the afternoon of September 8th, HBU held the 37th Teacher’s Day celebration meeting in the lecture hall of the library in Qiyi Road campus. HBU leaders Guo Jian, Kang Le, Wang Peiguang, Yang Lihai, Shen Shigang, Xu Jianmin, and Ni Zhiyu, representatives of retired faculty and staff and newly recruited teachers since September 2020, the first “Teacher’s Ethics Model” and all middle-level leaders of HBU attended the meeting.

Party Secretary Guo Jian said that, for a long time, the teachers of HBU have been fulfilled their duties, worked hard, selflessly dedicated and enlightened the students with knowledge, which cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for the country and have made outstanding contributions to the reform and development of HBU. HBU thoroughly implements the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important expositions on teacher’s work, deeply implements the strategy of “talents developing strategy”, actively promotes the well-being of teachers to a new height and environment presents a new look, and strives to create better conditions for teaching, scientific research and living, so that the teachers teach with ease and enthusiasm. All teachers must always take “patriotism”, “student growth”, “teacher’s ethics and character”, “self-improvement” and “university development” in mind and put them into action, and consciously become a firm believer and loyal practitioner of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Be loyal to the education of the Party and the people, consciously implement the party’s education policy to the whole process of teaching management, take one’s own responsibilities seriously, help students build, pursue and realize their dreams, and help generations of young students grow into talents and become a positive energy to realize our national dreams.

The president Kang Le presided over the meeting and extended congratulations and cordial greetings to all faculty and staff struggling on the front line of teaching, scientific research, management and service on behalf of HBU. He hopes that retired faculty members will not retire or leave their posts, pass on the spirit of teacher ethics to the younger generation, continue to care for and support the development of HBU; hope that new teachers will complete the role change as soon as possible, and follow the example of old teachers. They should set an example, strive to be a good teacher of the “Four Haves”, and contribute their greatest strength to the development of HBU; hope that the “Teacher’s Ethics Model” will actively play a role as a typical example, cherish honor and make greater contributions to HBU.

The meeting held the retirement ceremony of retired faculty members, the first “Teacher’s Ethics Model” commendation ceremony, and the newly appointed teacher swearing ceremony. Party Secretary Guo Jian, Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Vice President Wang Peiguang awarded the certificate for representatives of retired faculty and staff, and the first “Teacher Ethics Model”. HBU leadership team awarded school badge to newly recruited teachers. Professor Lu Hongping from School of Economics, Professor Xue Guofeng from School of Education, and Dr. Li Leipeng from School of Physics and Technology delivered speeches on behalf of retired faculty and staff, “Teacher’s Ethics Models” and new teachers.