HBU Held the Graduation Ceremony & Degree Awarding Ceremony for the Graduates of 2021

On 22 June, HBU held the Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for the graduates of 2021 at Wusi Road Campus, Qiyi Road Campus and Yuhua Road Campus to celebrate the successful completion of their university studies and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The ceremony, solemn and warm, touched teachers, students and guests present and inspired graduates to brave the winds and waves in the journey of chasing dreams.

HBU leaders including Guo Jian, Kang Le, Wang Peiguang, Yang Lihai, Shen Shigang, Li Jinshan, Li Zhiyi, Chen Hongjun, Ni Zhiyu, Meng Qingyu, Guo Changbao, Gong Zhizhong were present at the ceremony. The representatives of the graduates, teachers and heads of departments and colleges attended the ceremony. The graduation ceremony was presided over by Professor Wang Peiguang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of HBU.

Professor Shen Shigang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Vice President of HBU and Vice Chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of the university read out the decision of degree awarding. Academician Kang Le, President of the HBU and Chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of the HBU, presented graduation certificates and degrees to the doctoral graduates. Leaders attending the meeting jointly presented the graduation certificates and degrees to the representatives of master and bachelor graduates.

While studying in the university, our students follow the school motto of “Seeking Truth from Facts” and the school spirit of “Erudition, Pursuit for truth, Endurance and Innovation”. They are dedicated to study and courageous in practice, and their all-round ability in morals, intelligence, physical fitness, work and aesthetics got improved. A total of 276 students were awarded the title of “Outstanding Graduates of Hebei Province”, showing the excellent quality and positive spirit of our students. Professor Guo Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee, presented the awards to the outstanding graduates.

As outstanding representatives of graduates, Dong Yang from the College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Xu Bin from the College of Literature, Zhou Ge from the College of Nursing delivered their speeches at the graduation ceremony. In their speeches, they all reviewed the past experience in study and the harvests in HBU, and expressed their infinite love for the school and their attitude to their teachers. They hoped that all graduates of the Class of 2021 would always follow the good spirit of HBU in their future studies and working life, and always be strict with the standards of a “HBUer”, so as to contribute to the development of society of civilization.

As representatives of faculty, Professor Tian Jianmin from the College of Literature, Professor Xu Yingming from the College of Philosophy and Sociology and Chen Queting from the affiliated hospital/ clinical medical school extended heir most sincere wishes to the graduates with the simple and honest words. They encouraged students not only to have a sincere concern for the future of country and the destiny of nation, but also take up their responsibility to achieve nation’s great cause. Students should take the suggestion of General Secretary Xi Jinping as the goal: “Strive to fulfill your dream in the course of realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.”

On behalf of the university, President Kang Le extended his warmest congratulations to the students on the successful completion of their studies and delivered a graduation speech entitled “Blossoming Youthful Glory With Efforts”. He expressed that the college years is the most beautiful time, which is full of stories of growth and struggle. He reviewed with the students the tremendous changes in the development of the Party and the country in the past few years, the achievements of the university's reform and development on the new platform of “Ministry-Province Cooperation”, and the students' achievements in scientific research, discipline competitions, voluntary service and epidemic prevention and control. He pointed out that 2021 marks 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Embarking on a new journey of life at this important moment, students should shoulder the responsibilities of “ Striving for excellence, Contributing to the society, and Serving the people and country” and to be a struggler in the new era. Students should constantly improve themselves in lifelong learning, maintain a strong thirst for knowledge, constantly enrich and improve their knowledge system, let what they have learned, known and done be tested by practice, and follow the school motto of "Seeking Truth from Facts" throughout life. Furthermore, he expressed that students should cultivate a strong will in making choices, adapt to the environment as soon as possible, find a development goal that is beneficial to the country, to the people and to themselves, and move forward for it. Students should cultivate the spirit of patriotism in practice, take patriotic dedication as value of life and work and blossom brilliantly in the historical course of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. He also sent a warm invitation to the graduates, welcoming them to join the centenary ceremony of Hebei University on October 18 this year.


Professor Guo Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee presented the awards to the outstanding graduates.


Academician Kang Le turned the tassel for graduates.