Rao Zihe and Meng Anming, Chinese Academicians of CAS, Delivered Lectures in Hebei University

Rao Zihe and Meng Anming, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited to the school to give special reports on "Novel Coronavirus Transcription Replicase and Remdesivir" and "The Role of Egg-derived Factors in Embryo Development" respectively in the 304 Lecture Hall of the Main Building on the afternoon of June 17. Academician Kang Le, President of Hebei University, attended the meeting and presided over it. Vice Presidents Li Jinshan and Ni Zhiyu also participated in the lecture.

Kang Le first welcomed the two academicians and expressed his gratitude to their concern and support for the construction, reform and development of our school for a long time. He gave a brief introduction of the construction and development achievements of our school in recent years, hoping that the two academicians would strengthen cooperation with our school in personnel training, scientific research, platform construction and social services to promote the development of our school.

Academician Meng Anming popularized the relevant knowledge of reproduction and answered the question of "where do I come from" from a scientific point of view, starting from male and female germ cells, fertilization process and embryo development. He explained the causes and prevention of abnormal embryo development combining with the process of embryo development, such as spontaneous abortion and birth defects. Based on his research achievements, Meng Anming introduced in detail the role of egg-derived factors in embryo development, and elaborated the latest research progress, such as the initial amount of transcription factors does not affect the dynamic changes of nuclear entry, the concentration gradient of nodal signal in blastocyst induces the formation of mesoderm and dorsal ventral differentiation.

Academician Rao Zihe led the main theme of the lecture through the hot spots in COVID-19 pandemic in recent two years. In order to understand Novel Coronavirus's life process and explore highly effective antiviral drugs, Academician Rao Zihe analyzed the three-dimensional structure of the key state of "transcription and replication complex" of Novel Coronavirus supramolecular protein machine, revealing the molecular mechanism of virus mRNA capping and genome replication correction and clarifying the key way for virus to escape nucleoside antiviral drugs (such as Remdesivir). In order to vividly illustrate the scientific problems of structural biology, he made the original proportional protein structure teaching aid by 3D printing, vividly demonstrating the RNA synthesis and extension mechanism of Novel Coronavirus E-RTC, and strengthening everyone's understanding of Novel Coronavirus's cutting-edge scientific research achievements.

The special activity of academicians of the "Yuxiu Academic" Forum is an important measure taken by our school to implement the fundamental task of "cultivating morality and nurturing people" and comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training. It is also an important scientific research activity for the centennial celebration of our school. The principal responsible comrades of the principal's office, the Science and Technology Department, the School of Life Sciences and the Basic Medicine Department, as well as more than 300 teachers and students, attended the meeting.




 Academician Kang Le, President of Hebei University




Academician Rao Zihe




Academician Meng Anming