Hebei University Listed Top 100 in China and Top 500 in the World

Recently, 2021 Nature Index China was published in Nature. 89 universities in mainland China rank among the top 100 scientific research institutions in China, of which 85 universities are among the top 500 in the world. As the only university to be listed in Hebei province, Hebei University ranks 84th among the universities with the strongest scientific research capabilities in mainland China and 491st among the top 500 universities in the world respectively. Moreover, physics, the best subject in our school, ranks 59th in the natural index in China.

Nature Index, first released in November 2014, shows the global high-quality scientific research output and cooperation by tracking scientific research papers published by institutions and countries in 82 high-quality natural science journals. Natural index has developed into an important index with international recognition that can measure the high-quality research output and cooperation of institutions, countries and regions in natural science, and has great influence in the world.