Kang Le Won the Silverstein-Simeone Award of International Society of Chemical Ecology

Recently, we heard from the International Society of Chemical Ecology that Academician Kang Le, President of Hebei University, was awarded the Silverstein-Simeone Award by the Society in recognition of Academician Kang Le's cutting edge in the field of chemical ecology, especially for the discovery and functional research of 4VA and PAN.

This is the first time that the award has been awarded to Chinese scientists since its establishment in 1995. Academician Kang Le will be invited to attend the International Congress of Ecology to be held in Malaysia next year and give a report at the congress in line with the requirements of the award.

Only one person wins the award every year. Since 1995, 25 people all over the world have won awards. World famous scientists Ian Baldwin, May Berenbaum, Tom Bake, Leslie Vosshall, Bill Hansson and Ted Turlings have all won the award successively.