Hebei University Opens the One-year Countdown to the 100th Anniversary


On the land of Yanzhao region, there is a lofty university-Hebei University, whose original intention of repaying the country with education has never changed. On the occasion of celebrating the 99th anniversary of the founding of the school, our school held the launching ceremony of the one-year countdown to Hebei University’s 100th anniversary in the concert hall of Qiyi road campus on the morning of October 18th, which officially opened the curtain of the centennial celebration.

Relevant leaders of Hebei Education Department and Baoding City, guests of news media such as People.cn, Xinhuanet, China Education Daily and Hebei Radio and TV Station, as well as leading cadres and representatives of teachers and students of our school participated in the event. The ceremony was chaired by Guo Jian, secretary of the Party Committee of our school. He pointed out that the 100th anniversary is an important platform for the school to sum up its experience, display its achievements, inherit the spirit of the university and draw a blueprint for its development. It is also an important carrier to stimulate the sense of honor, sense of mission and sense of responsibility of all teachers and students and alumni.


Academician Kang Le, the president, delivered a speech on behalf of HBU. He reviewed the history of the HBU with deep feeling. Over the past hundred years, our school has inherited the spirit of academic and promoted social development. It also created a continuous and prolonged school motto of seeking truth from facts and shaped the spirit of erudite, truth-seeking, perseverance and innovation, which has nurtured generations of people in Hebei University. Over the past hundred years, numerous senior scholars have worked hard to teach here, reward and promote the younger generation, and cultivate outstanding talents; countless young students have studied hard and explore new knowledge here to enhance their skills and talents; countless alumni have gone to the society from here to make contributions and serve our country, writing the history of entrepreneurship of generations who have endured hardships and overcome difficulties, highlighting the development history of generations who have been enterprising and innovative, and recording the struggle history of generations who shared a common fate with our country.

Principal Kang Le pointed out that the 100th anniversary is not only a milestone in the development of the school in the past 100 years, but also a new start for forging ahead and creating new brilliance. The school will carry out a series of celebration activities in an all-round way with the theme of “forging ahead in the new era and re-creating new brilliance” and build the centennial school celebration into an important platform for gathering all forces and seeking future development. It has gathered great strength to expand the influence of our university, enhance its social reputation, and has made a good start for the second centennial with the new achievements of the construction of first-class universities. Finally, principal Kang Le once again thanked all sectors of society and all teachers and students for their contributions to the university and sincerely invited everyone to attend the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Hebei University.

Han Zhanwen, a graduate of 1984 from the Department of Physics of our university and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech on behalf of the alumni. He said that after graduation, no matter where he is and what role he is, he always pays attention to the development and construction of his alma mater. The attention to the alma mater will never change; the gratitude to the alma mater will never change, and the feelings of the alma mater will never change. Students of Hebei University will also uphold the spirit of the school motto of seeking truth from facts, realize their potential in their respective posts, make achievements and contribute to the prosperity and national rejuvenation of the country.


At the launching ceremony, Professor Lu Zhiyi of the School of History and the teachers and students of the School of Journalism and Communication recited the Ode of Hebei University, which was created by the teachers of our school, incisively and vividly deduced the frustrations and brilliance of Hebei University in the past hundred years and won warm applause from the teachers and students present. Alumni at home and abroad send their best wishes to their alma mater through video, showing the fruitful achievements of students of Hebei university in all walks of life and depicting a beautiful picture of having students everywhere.


scene of ceremony


scene of ceremony


scene of ceremony