Hebei University holds the 2020 Opening Ceremony and Variety Show for the Freshmen and National Day   


On the evening of October 5th and 7th, Wusi Road Campus and Qiyi Road Campus of Hebei University were filled with bright lights and melodious music. The Opening Ceremony of 2020 and the variety show themed " Striving for the New Era" were held in two campuses respectively.


President of Hebei University, academician Kang Le delivered the First Lesson entitled "Let Innovation be the Color of Youth" to the freshmen. On behalf of all the teachers and students, he welcomed the 2020 freshmen and extended the best birthday wishes to our motherland. Mr. Kang Le said that the charm of Hebei University lies in its enduring cultural heritage, its pioneering spirit with tenacity and its selfless dedication. He hoped that the students of grade 2020 have a profound academic attitude, maintain a strong desire for knowledge and enrich their knowledge structure continuously. They should also have the enterprising spirit, establish initiative of learning and habit of cooperation. To create the most beautiful youth and release young people's powerful force of innovation, our students should have the humanistic feelings with patriotism. They should integrate the goal of learning and the value of innovation into the great career of national rejuvenation, and continuously enhance the sense of mission of serving our country and people.      


The teachers' representatives are Fang Chuan, vice dean of the Affiliated Hospital and Clinical Medical School, and Professor Zhang Hongyi, doctoral supervisor of the School of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. The two teachers hoped that freshmen could become students of Hebei University who are diligent and have strong belief and initiative spirit, living up to their times and youth in the school.          


Representatives of students are Sun Yinglu, a doctoral candidate in Management Science and Engineering of grade 2017 and Yang Sa, a master candidate in Instrument Science and Technology of grade 2019. They gave some suggestions to freshmen respectively. Students must always maintain the confidence and the courage to change themselves, keep independence and strive for self-improvement. They should also have tenacity to conform to the world and ambition to change the world, and hold ideals and perseverance in their minds. Only in this way can Hebei University always be proud of its outstanding students.


Zhang Zheng, an undergraduate of Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering of grade 2020 and Li Tong, an undergraduate of Philosophy of grade 2020 are freshman representatives. They respectively said they would study hard under the guidance of the school motto "Seek truth from facts". They will write the most beautiful chapter of their life through diligence and celebrate the coming centenary of Hebei University with honors and distinction.


Two variety shows of " Striving for the New Era" to welcome new students and celebrate National Day were held in two campuses respectively. In order to express the warmest welcome to new students and offer the sincerest wishes to the 71st birthday of China, the variety show has prepared singing, dancing, Peking Opera, recitation, instrumental performances and other colorful, high quality performances.