Hebei University Held 2020 Cloud Commencement Ceremony


Both Hebei University and its students have deep attachment to each other. On 8 July, Hebei University broadcasted its 2020 Commencement live online. Graduates and teachers, almost 10 thousand, gathered through cloud platform, witnessing its first Cloud Commencement.

The ceremony was presided by Wang Peiguang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice-president of the university. Shen Shiguang, vice-chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of Hebei University, conferred doctorates to 45 students, master's degrees to 1,172 students, professional master's degrees to 915 students, bachelor's degrees to 6,056 students and 6 international students. Academician Kang Le, chairmen of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee and our president, issued diplomas and granted degrees deliberately.

Guo Jian, secretary of the Party Committee issued diplomas for outstanding graduates. 440 of our students are awarded as Hebei Province Outstanding Graduates. Adhering to our motto “Seeking Truth from Facts”, they work hard and practice diligently, showing the excellence and activity of students in Hebei University.

Hu Linlin, the representative of graduates and a Finance major postgraduate of Economics Department, made a speech, reviewing her growth in Hebei University, delivered deep gratitude to teachers , plus wished it better development and prosperity in another one hundred years to come. Zhang Hailei, the representative of teachers from the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science, raised high expectation to all graduates, fully expressed that Hebei University is their strongest support wherever they go and whatever job they do. Parting is for a better meeting. It is believed that everyone, someday, can go bake here with confidence and easiness after blazing their way sailing forward through various obstacles.

President Lang Le made a commencement address titled Pursuing the Value of Life with Awe. The president pointed out that, because of the epidemic, we experiencing the most special, simple, brief as well as the most unforgettable graduation season ever. We have tried our best to create favorable environment for as many students, so that they could return to school before graduation. A lot of our teachers formed a team, volunteering to help the graduates carry luggage, picking these students up at the station and finally sending them off. All these will be a lifetime memory for the graduates. President Kang delivered his wishes to graduates over the way of pursuing the value of life. “Wish you to have reverence for life and understand its preciousness; wish you to have reverence for knowledge and keep on exploring its profound mystery; and wish you to have reverence for dream and draw force from your belief.” Finally, he said that you should always remember the expectation of  General Secretary Xi, shouldering the responsibilities given by the time, actively participating in the construction of this era and forging ahead. It is the best choice for everyone in Hebei University.

To make sure that all students can watch the Cloud Commencement, the ceremony was broadcasted online through the official Weibo account of Hebei University and its account called The Youth in Hebei University. It could be watched on other new media platforms in real time as well, gathering over 80,000 audience.