Hebei University Signed Agreements for Co-construction of "Elite Class" of Chemistry Undergraduates and Joint Training of Postgraduates with Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Science

To actively respond to the Opinions on the Implementation of Elite Student Training Program 2.0 in Basic Subjects and the Guidelines for the Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region proposed by Ministry of Education and other six ministries, Hebei University would like to cultivate high-level chemistry talents by utilizing superior platform resources of the Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Science. Thus, it held friendly consultations with the Institute of Chemistry. Subsequently, they signed agreements for co-construction of "elite class" of chemistry undergraduates and joint training of postgraduates on April 28. The related works will be implemented officially this year.

 "Elite class" of chemistry undergraduates and joint training of postgraduates aim to cultivate responsible and creative talents with profound cultural connotation, solid specialty knowledge, strong practical ability and broad international vision. Namely, the training mainly focuses on those outstanding talents in basic subjects who aspire to conduct the frontier research on chemistry and top-level research on related subjects. To achieve this goal, both sides would build supervisor teams to cultivate undergraduates and postgraduates jointly and conduct frontier science research. Moreover, Institute of Chemistry would set up “Elite” scholarship to encourage those excellent undergraduates who aspire to carry out scientific research. In this way, they can continue academic research in the postgraduate period.

Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Science is both an influential high-level scientific institution in international academy and a demonstration base for the training of innovative talents of China Ministry of Science and Technology. The chemistry in Hebei University, ranked in the “world-class discipline” construction project of Hebei, is the first to step into the worldwide top 1% of Essential Science Indicators in Hebei. The signing of this agreement opens a new field for the development and research cooperation of both Hebei University and Institute of Chemistry. Besides, it also promotes the training of outstanding talents in chemistry and the construction of national first-class undergraduate major in Hebei University-chemistry. The president of Hebei University- academician Kang Le holds high expectation towards the cooperation, hoping both sides could be best partners to promote the cooperation significantly and implement it effectively. Only in this way, can the "elite class" of chemistry undergraduates and joint training of postgraduates be successful and more and more talents be cultivated jointly in the future.