HBU Students’ Work Is Nominated for The Rome International Film Festival and The Buenos Aires Film Festival

The 2022 Rome International Film Festival and The Buenos Aires International Film Festival have announced their shortlisted films recently. Ding Haoran, a student in Grade 2020 majoring in Literature of Theatre Film and Television of HBU-UCLan’s School of Media Communication and Creative Industries, directed and led a team of students from his School to produce a documentary called Ask Wing Chun, which was nominated for the two major international film festivals and was nominated for the Rome International Film Festival's Most Historic Award, Best Documentary Short Film, Best Documentary Cinematography and Best Documentary Short Film Director. This is the first time for our students to enter the professional international project Film Festival, and stand out among many commercial films and theatrical works and get nominated.

Through the perspective of Zhai Jijun, the inheritor of Wing Chun, the documentary Ask Wing Chun records and displays the characteristics of Wing Chun and its cultural heritage, allowing the world to understand the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

The Buenos Aires International Film Festival, the largest film festival in Argentina, had entries from more than 120 countries this year and five Chinese films were shortlisted. The Rome International Film Festival, one of the world's leading film festivals, saw entries from more than 60 countries this year, with nine Chinese films nominated.