HBU Achieved Excellent Results at the 18th Hebei Province Outstanding Achievement Award in Social Sciences


Recently, Hebei provincial Office for Social Sciences Award announced the list of the 18th outstanding achievement awards in social sciences in Hebei Province.

Hebei University was honored with 67 awards including 11 first prizes, 32 second prizes, and 24 third prizes, ranking first in Hebei province in terms of the total number of prizes and the number of first prizes.

Hebei Province Outstanding Achievement Award in Social Sciences is selected once every two years. The award specifically rewards original and pioneering achievements with Chinese characteristics. Those achievements made theoretical contributions and academic innovations, filled some gaps in the field, and promoted discipline construction and theory development.

After the qualification examination by the Provincial Award office, the anonymous review of experts, the evaluation of the judging committee, and the public announcement, a total of 290 awards were selected for the 18th Hebei Province Outstanding Achievement Award in Social Sciences, including 35 first prizes, 108 second prizes, and 147 third prizes.

Our school pays great attention to the application of social sciences awards, carrying out a wide range of mobilization at college and school levels and encouraging faculties to apply for the award and make preparation. Also, it invited experts to audit and recommend applications within the school, with a focus on quality and ideology. In addition, the administrative departments of social sciences provided detailed consultation for the standardization of the application to improve the quality of application materials.

With excellent achievements at the 17th and 18th Hebei Province Outstanding Achievement Awards in Social Sciences, HUB in the next few years will work harder to make greater breakthroughs in the 9th National Award for Outstanding Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences, thus laying a solid foundation for its "Double First-Class" Initiative development.