Notice of HBU Exhibition of Calligraphy, Painting, Photography and Posters

Sponsored by the Student Affairs Department of the Party committee and undertaken by the College of Art, the exhibition of calligraphy, painting, photography and posters by Hebei University is now on hand. The cultural event held by HBU dedicated to enrich campus cultural life, present a comprehensive picture of high morale of the unity of HBUers during the fight against the epidemic. Works from students and faculty are warmly welcomed. The relevant information is as follows:


Students and faculty of HBU

 .      Duration

Until April 3, 2022

I.      Requirements for Participating Works

1.    Your works shall center on "fighting against the epidemic out the hard times".

2.    The works shall reflect the spirit of the teachers, students and staff of HBU in uniting to fight the epidemic, spread positive energy, boost morale and inspire spirit.

II.      Category

1.    Calligraphies and Paintings

Either the calligraphies or the paintings participated shall be original, theme-centered and expressive. The longest side length of the works shall not exceed 200cm.

2.    Photographs

Photographs can be submitted either in single form or as one group with no more than 3 photographs contained. All the photographs require a minimum of 3MB in the format of JPG or PNG.

3.    Posters

Although the way of expression is unlimited, the theme poster design (A3) shall be original, 120 dpi in JPG.

 .      Enrollment Method

Digital files shall be sent to the E-mail: (format of E-mail naming: School + Enrollment Year + Class + Name + work category + work name); the printed files shall be sent to C6-405, Qiyi Rd., Hebei University.

Eg. The College of Art 2018 Visual Communication Design Poster XXXX

Contacts: Zhou Yifan 18830287191, Liu Wei 15233638700

I.      Matters Need Attention

1.    Distinctive theme: the works shall follow the theme closely, and the content shall be healthy and positive

2.    Original works: the works shall be original and meet the requirements above.

3.Copyright Statement: the copyright of the contribution shall belong to Hebei University. The university has the right to release the works, publish the collections, broadcast, push, as well as to exhibit the works.

This cultural event has set up the first, second and third prized. Both certificates and awards shall be awarded to winners whose works will be later on displayed within the campus.