Schedule of the First (2021) Undergraduate Teaching Quality Cultural Week

On October 18, 2021, Hebei University will celebrate its 100th anniversary. In order to present the centennial anniversary, lead the high-quality development of undergraduate education and teaching with an excellent quality culture, and form a good teaching style, style of study and school spirit, the school decided to launch the first (2021) "Undergraduate Teaching Quality Culture Week" activities, and formulated the following implementation plan.

1. Dates

October 11-October 17, 2021

2. Objectives

Focus on the construction of teaching quality culture, advance teachers’ teaching capability and a sound guarantee system of teaching quality and comprehensively improve the quality of undergraduate education and teaching.

3. Activities

The "Undergraduate Teaching Quality Cultural Week" activities are carried out at both university and college levels.

(1) University level

The Education and Teaching Quality Evaluation and Teacher Development Center is responsible for the overall planning and coordination of the "Undergraduate Teaching Quality Cultural Week", and organize activities together with the Academic Affairs Office and the Ministry of Medicine. There are 5 modules for school-level activities, and the specific arrangements are shown in the table below:



Activities of the First (2021) Undergraduate Teaching Quality Cultural Week

Activity module


Activity time

Event Location

Opening Ceremony of the First "Undergraduate   Teaching Quality Cultural Week" of Hebei University

Opening Ceremony

On the morning of October 11 (Monday)

Wusi Road Campus

"Famous Teaching Teachers and Excellent Teaching   Teams" Theme Series Activities

"Teaching Team Building" Teaching Salon

On the afternoon of October 12 (Tuesday)

Qiyi Road Campus

Excellent Teachers' Style Exhibition of Hebei   University

October 11-17

Wusi Road Campus;

Qiyi Road Campus;

Yuhua Road Campus

"Audit Evaluation and Professional Certification" Theme Series   Activities

Seminar on Undergraduate Teaching Supervision Work in Colleges and   Universities Stationed in Baoding

On the afternoon of October 11 (Monday)

Wusi Road Campus

"Professional Certification and Professional Construction"   Theme Report

On the afternoon of October 13 (Wednesday)

Wusi Road Campus

"New Round of Education and Teaching Review and Evaluation"   Theme Report

On the morning of October 14 (Thursday)


Wusi Road Campus

Higher Education Quality Monitoring and National Data Collection Work   Explaining Meeting

"Improvement on Teachers' Teaching Capability " Theme Series   Activities

Renowned Teachers Face to Face: Create First-class Courses and Cultivate   First-Class Talents

On the morning of October 12 (Tuesday)

Wusi Road Campus

Observation of the Award-winning Teachers' Demonstration Teaching in the   Teaching Contest among Youth Teachers

On the afternoon of October 14 (Thursday)

Wusi Road Campus;

Yuhua Road Campus

Experience Sharing Teaching Salon of the First National   Teacher Teaching Innovation Contest

On the morning of October 15 (Friday)

Wusi Road Campus

School-based Training Workshop for New Teachers

October 9-10

October 16-17

Wusi Road Campus

"I Make a Voice for the Development of Undergraduate Teaching in   Hebei University " Activity

Solicit and Select Favourable Suggestions

October 17 (Sunday)

(Announce the Selection Results)

(2) At the university

Based on the theme of the first "Undergraduate Teaching Quality Culture Week" of Hebei University, each teaching unit combines the college (department) undergraduate teaching practice, and relies on the department, teaching and research section, curriculum group and other grass-roots teaching organizations to carry out activities that are substantial in content and various in form such as teaching theme lectures, teaching salons, demonstration observations.

4. relevant requirements

(1) All relevant departments and teaching units of the school should fully understand the significance of undergraduate teaching quality guarantee and improvement to the development of the school, carefully arrange and organize the activities of the Quality Week according to the plan. Concerted efforts should be made from both  school and college to create a strong atmosphere for quality culture in that way ensures the whole improvement of education and teaching working level in Hebei University.

(2) Each teaching unit should not only carefully plan and organize the quality week activities at the college level, but also actively mobilize and organize the teachers and students of their units to participate in the activities. The two-level platform should be fully used to conduct propaganda and reports, adding highlights for the100th anniversary.

(3) During the quality week, all activities will be notified in time. The specific time, place and participants are subject to the notification.