HBUers in the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture Portrayed Their Campus with Exquisite Painting Techniques

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and to mark the centenary of Hebei University, teachers from the department of architecture in the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture led the students of the Class of 2018 to conduct a sketching activity— “Portraying Campus”, themed on “Campus Building”. With marker pens, pens, colored pencils and other tools, fifty-seven students depicted the campus buildings in HBU through marker expression techniques and watercolor expression techniques. Under their pens, all campus buildings stood vividly revealed on the paper. More than 200 paintings of the campus buildings were presented to the students and teachers.



The Majestic Main Building of the Wusi Road Campus






Multi-function Hall in the Morning Light






The Library




Teaching Building





Qiyi Road Campus



Yuxiu Park


The Comprehensive Scientific Research Building





The Museum and Animal Science Building




The Long Corridor





The Old Campus Entrance





The Yard



Through this activity, students become more familiar with their campus and love it more. It also improves their abilities in painting, architectural modeling and aesthetic appreciation. In addition, it also creates an atmosphere of “love for your university and love for your major”.