The Fifth International Symposium on Chinese Financial History was Held in Our University


From October 8 to 10, "the Fifth International Symposium on Chinese Financial History", jointly sponsored by the School of History and Culture of Hebei Normal University, the School of History of Hebei University, the Research Center of Chinese Financial History of Fudan University, the Chinese Economic History Society and the Hebei Provincial History Society, was held in Baoding. Nearly 100 experts and scholars from universities and scientific research institutions such as Peking University, Fudan University, Nankai University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, National Museum and China Coin Museum attended the meeting.

At the opening ceremony, Guo Jian, secretary of the party committee of Hebei University, delivered a speech and extended a sincere welcome to the experts and scholars who attended the meeting. He introduced the historical evolution, school-running achievements and development status of Hebei University in the past hundred years and introduced the remarkable achievements of the university's history discipline. He said that the successful holding of this conference would further promote the study of Chinese financial history, play an essential role in exploring the primary path of academic research to serve the entire society, and is also a significant opportunity to promote new progress in the construction of history discipline in the university. Professor Rao Guisheng, secretary of the party committee of Hebei Agricultural University, and Professor Dai Jianbing, secretary of the party committee of Hebei Normal University, delivered speeches, respectively. They expressed their sincere wishes for their alma mater's 100th birthday and wished Hebei University a new brilliance. I hope to strengthen contact and cooperation with the participating experts and expect this meeting to be held smoothly. Dai Jianbing presented books to Hebei University on Hebei Normal University, and Guo Jian accepted books on behalf of Hebei University.

Professor Wu Jingping, director of the Chinese Financial History Research Center of Fudan University, Professor Wei Mingkong, Professor of the British Museum, Professor Wei Mingkong, President of Chinese Economic History, Professor Zhou Jianbo of Peking University, and Professor Zhang Yihe of East China Normal University delivered keynote speeches at the conference in turn. The conference received more than 50 papers, covering many fields such as financial history, monetary history and numismatics, with a long period and a wide range of research fields. Scholars attending the meeting not only carefully considered the identification of ancient Chinese coins, the evolution of the monetary system and social structure but also carried out macro-discussion on the history and practice of the modern financial system with Chinese characteristics; they not only profoundly discussed the operation and modern evolution of financial organizations such as banks, private money shopping, exchange shop, pawnshops but also reviewed the regional economic and financial activities macroscopically.

The convening of this reported meeting is an essential academic exchange activity for Hebei University to celebrate the centenary, which broadens the academic vision of teachers and students of Hebei University and is of great significance to the development of history in our university.