College of Chemistry & Environmental Science Published a Special Issue in Scientia Sinica Chimica

2021 witnesses the centennial anniversary of Hebei University and the 70th anniversary of the chemistry department. College of Chemistry & Environmental Science jointly published the special issue "Celebration on the Centennial Anniversary of Hebei University and the 70th Anniversary of Chemistry" with Science China Press in order to show a series of important research progress made by the College in basic research, applied basic research and high-tech innovation research. This special issue has collected 19 research papers and reviews, focusing on the research results of chemistry in Hebei University in inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics, theoretical computational chemistry, nano and Energy Chemistry in recent years.

Supervised by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, co-sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Natural Science of Foundation of China and published by Science China Press, Science China is a comprehensive academic journal of natural science. Scientia Sinica Chimica mainly includes the innovative achievements in basic and applied research in chemical science and its cross fields, including the research achievements of various branches of chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as the research results related to chemistry in environmental science, life science, material science, energy science, resource protection, comprehensive utilization and so on.