Professor Jiang Xiaoying Delivered a Lecture in HBU

On July 1, 2021, Professor Jiang Xiaoying, director of Chinese Nursing Journals Publishing House, vice director of the Chinese Nursing Association and the winner of the International Florence Nightingale Medal, was invited to the College of Nursing to give a lecture on “How to establish valuable research questions”. More than 150 teachers and postgraduates from the College of Nursing and representatives of nursing leaders from the affiliated hospitals and the Sixth Provincial Hospital attended this lecture. The meeting was presided by Li Jingbin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Nursing.

Centered around how to establish valuable research questions, Professor Jiang gave her speech mainly from four aspects: setting goals, seeking opportunities, thinking quickly and doing well in summarizing”. She emphasized that a clear research question is the prerequisite for all scientific research work, which directly determines the level of research and the value of research results. Besides, she also expressed that broadening horizons is the best way to select research topics. And she emphasized that learning from the experiences and lessons of others is a valuable asset for researchers, and provided an in-depth analysis of how to choose scientific questions from a variety of perspectives, including ethics, values, policies and institutions. At the same time, combining her years of experience in reviewing manuscripts for the Chinese Journal of Nursing and Chinese Journal of Nursing Education, Professor Jiang combed the ideas and methods of selecting topics for nursing research from an expert's perspective. Professor Jiang pointed out that it is important to pay attention to the latest developments and changes in the international and domestic trends of hygiene and health, and to be adept at identifying, summarizing and distilling valuable research questions from clinical practice, policy orientations, documentary theory, and unexpected events. At the same time, nursing staff at all levels should be encouraged to enhance the awareness of scientific research and establish the spirit of hard work and perseverance in scientific research, so as to climb to the peak of scientific research and create more scientific research achievements.

At the end, the Secretary Li concluded that the speech of Professor Jiang is simple in expression but profound in meaning, using her rich practical experience and solid theoretical foundation to dedicate a high-level academic report for teachers and students. He hoped that all teachers and students, based on the actual development of the nursing discipline, focus on broadening their research horizons, following the laws of scientific research, finding valuable scientific problems and striving to enhance their scientific research and innovation abilities in scientific research and thesis writing.

Teachers and students attending the lecture said that this lecture made their research ideas clearer and striving direction more explicit.