2019 Academic Annual Conference of Nanobiology Branch of  Biophysical Society of Chinese and "Innovative Nanomedicine" Xiong'an Forum  held in Hebei University


From April 24th to 28th, 2019 Academic Annual Conference of Nanobiology Branch of  Biophysical Society of Chinese and "Innovative Nanomedicine" Xiong'an Forum was successfully held in Hebei University, hosted by the Nanobiology Branch of Biophysical Society of Chinese, co-hosted by the Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics Key Laboratory of  Ministry of Education in Hebei University, College of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, Department of Discipline Research Support Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and editorial department of Chinese Science: Life. More than 200 scholars from universities, research institutes and overseas universities attended the annual conference, including more than 60 experts: academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academicians of the American Academy of Engineering, National outstanding youth, Changjiang Scholars and experts in Thousand-People-Plan. The president of Hebei University, Academician Kang Le attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The opening ceremony was presided by Professor Zhang Jinchao with the Vice President of Hebei University, Shen Shigang and more than 150 teachers and students from relevant colleges attending the conference.

This annual conference and forum brought together top scholars and professors in the field, including chief editor of ACS Nano, professor Paul S. Weiss in UCLA,  academician of the American Academy of Engineering and chief editor of Biomaterials and professor of Columbia University Biomedical Engineering Institute  Kam W. Leong, Academician of Institute of Biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences Yan Xiyun, Academician of Nanjing University Guo Zijian, professor of Nankai University Pang Daiwen, professor of City University of Hong Kong Chun-Sing LEE, researcher of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of Chinese Academy of Sciences Changjiang, researcher of Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital Guo Mingzhou and many famous scientists made wonderful conference reports. Meanwhile, the Annual Conference also invited more than 100 scholars with important influence in the field of Nano-Biological research to make reports on topics such as imaging and molecular diagnosis, nano-delivery and treatment, and nano-biological effects in four sub-sites. Through the reports, the latest research trends and scientific discoveries in relevant fields were fully demonstrated and the reporters also had heated discussions and in-depth exchanges with participants in relevant scientific issues in which people speak enthusiastically and created a lively atmosphere.

This annual conference and forum is not only a grand event in the field of nano-biological research, but also witnesses the vigorous development of nano-pharmaceutical research in China. The successful convene of this annual conference and forum will certainly promote the research and development of innovative nano-medicine in China and further enhance the exchanges and cooperation between Hebei University and famous universities both at home and abroad to drive the cross-integration of disciplines such as chemistry, biology, pharmacy and medicine and effectively promote the "double first-class" construction of Hebei University.