Li Jinshan Led an Education Exchange Delegation to visit the United States and Canada


A three-member delegation for education exchange led by Dr. Li Jinshan, vice president of HBU, paid a visit to the United States and Canada from October 28th to November 4th of 2018, whose purpose were to promote the cooperation between HBU and the universities of the United States and Canada, and also to facilitate the development of Confucius Institute at Xavier University of Louisiana.

At first, the delegation visited Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans of America, and attended annual meeting of the Board of the Directors of its Confucius Institute with Xavier leaders and Chinese and American directors of the Confucius Institute. Dr. Reynold Verret, the president of Xavier University of Louisiana , expressed their warm welcome to HBU delegates, and Dr. Yu Jiang reported the progresses and achievements of this Confucius Institute in promoting Chinese learning, celebrating the Chinese Culture Festival and holding the Confucius Activity Day on Mid-autumn Festival. The meeting attendees also discussed how to recruit Chinese teachers for its primary and secondary schools from Hebei Province through Hebei University. Then the delegation paid a visit to the Saint Augustine Senior High School, who offered Chinese Language courses to middle school students as one of the teaching sites of the Confucius Institute of Xavier University.

In addition, the HBU delegation paid a friendly visit to Georgia State University of America, meeting Dr. Wolfgang Schlör, Associate Provost for International Initiatives and the executive Director of its Confucius Institute, as well as Ms. Ahu Kostak-Bulat who was in charge of global special projects in its International Office, and Kike Ehigiatordirector of the International&Agreements Office. The two parties reviewed and summarized the implementation of “Training teachers abroad for double first-rate plan” of HBU, and agreed to continue with this plan. They also talked about the problems relevant to their cooperation in nursing, hoping to establish a joint program and a long-time exchange system for teachers and students to facilitate the cooperation between Georgia State University and HBU.

Then the delegation left for Canada, Dr. Li and other delegates arrived at BPS Strategies Company of Canada, which had a close cooperation with old-age care institutions, scientific research institutes and educational institutions in Canada. HBU delegation had a conversation with the Ms. Bess Song and the main administrators  of this company about how to introduce Canada's high quality mode of old-age care and find a way to cooperate. The two sides signed an agreement, which laid a good foundation for further cooperation.

What’s more, the delegates visited the campus of George Brown College of Canada, including the simulation center and the Sally Horsfall Eaton School of Nursing and the Dental Clinics. They met Dr. Cory Ross the vice president academic, Mr. Wu Liang the associate director of Asian International Center and Ms. Wendy Ellis the Chair of its Nursing School. The two parties discussed the details about introducing of the advanced concepts about healthcare and geriatric care, and the training program for HBU faculty members and students.

The HBU delegation also called at Baycrest Health Science Center and Schlegel RIA (Research Institute Aging) of Canada. They visited the long-term care facilities and learned about their education and training programs and discussed with the them about future collaboration. They also observed the teaching of Conestoga College at Schlegel Waterloo RIA.

Moreover, the delegates met He Jun who was an outstanding alumnus of HBU and chairman of the Hebei General Chamber of Commerce in Canada, expressing the idea of expanding the impact of HBU on Chinese communities in Canada through the support of HBU alumni and this chamber of commerce.


Attending the annual meeting of the Board of its Confucius Institute in Xavier University of Louisiana.


Guiding teaching practice in a Confucius Institute of Xavier University of Louisiana.


Meeting the Associate Provost for International Initiatives and the executive Director of Georgia State University of America 


Signing an agreement with BPS Strategies Company of Canada


Visiting the nursing teaching platform of George Brown College 


Communicating with the director of Academic Education Department of Baycrest Health Science Center in Canada


Visiting Schlegel RIA (Research Institute Aging)  of Canada