HBU Professor Won the First Prize of the 18th Hebei Outstanding Achievement Award in Social Sciences

In October 2022, Prof. Han Lixin of the School of Journalism and Communication won the first prize in the 18th Hebei Province Outstanding Achievement Award in Social Sciences for his book titled Theory, Path and Strategy of Media Cross-Border Integration.

Published by Science Press in November 2020, this book observes the divergence and convergence of traditional and emerging media factors from a perspective of cross-border integration and the unity of action and communication that characterize a mediated society and preliminarily discusses the trend of media technology-driven pan-mediatization.

The author puts forward some indicators to measure the divergence of traditional media. Traditional media can be evaluated in several aspects, such as connectivity, communication, interaction, and social influence. Emerging media can be evaluated in connectivity, communication, innovation, social influence, and other aspects.

In the book, the author regards the essence of media cross-border integration as the social development of media and points out that the emerging media engages more in social activities as their ability to permeate into action is growing a factor, which is mainly manifested in the forms of traditional media + new technology, e-commerce, media + education, media + tourism, media + exhibition, and media + health. The author thinks that cross-border integration is a new phase of media integration. From the perspective of the differentiation and integration of factors, it can be seen that the media industry is undergoing revolutionary changes. The role played by traditional media as a social control system and mobilization system is being shaken and diminished, and the construction of a new mobilization and control system is an important issue raised by the construction of media in response to new risks. The construction of mediology in this book helps further explain the phenomenon where news information is increasingly presented in a non-journalistic form and enhances the explanation of the complicated pattern of news communication, which is composed of vocational production, user production, and professional production of news.

This book is one of the key projects on humanities and social sciences funded by the Education Department of Hebei Province, which is now completed. Since its publication, the book has been highly recognized and well-received by peers. News of its publication and its book reviews were retweeted by People's Daily, iHebei.com, HebNews.cn, ifeng.com, Yidianzixun.com, Toutiao.com, Baidu.com, and other media outlets.

Prof. Han Lixin is currently the dean of the School of Journalism and Communication, the director of the Institute of City Communication of Hebei Province, the director of the Institute of Integration of the Marxist Concept of News and History of Hebei University, and the Kun Yu scholar of Hebei University. He mainly studies the Marxist concept of news, the CPC's history of journalism, and media integration research.